Deep Dive into the Chullpas of Sillustani, Peru

Returning to Sillustani, we immerse ourselves in the unique energies of the land & explore ancient symbolism before entering one of the beautiful stone chullpas. Through our intuitive awareness, we connect to the original builders learning of the tower’s purposes in the past and today.

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Through this valuable library of videos, we travel to many wonderful sacred sites around the world, some of them natural and others manmade. 

Journeying virtually, my words & images create an atmosphere that causes your senses & intuition to come alive, so you feel immersed in the energy & wisdom of the Earth’s Mysteries. 

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  • How our psyche is influenced by geodetic energy
  • Interdimensional portals
  • Innate connection to light beings & our star family 
  • How our inner elements resonate with the natural world  
  • Elementals and interdimensional beings

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