Intrigued to know more? Join Christine as she reveals ways to embody ancient female wisdom and practices bringing greater strength, balance, respect and self-love. She offers 3 levels of participation surrounding her Handbook of Women’s Mysteries: Introductory level, Home Study, and for those who are committed to embrace the teachings, a 6 month online course, Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman. For those who wish to integrate the teachings and exercises into their own practice, the opportunity to complete the online level at a certificate level is also available.

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Healing Into Wholeness

Focusing presently on women’s health, Christine’s passion to understand the true nature of wellbeing has been present for as long as she can remember. Raised amongst healers and seekers, she combines her knowledge and wisdom of allopathic and complementary medicine, to explain healing as a transformational process and illness as a soul-ution, an opportunity for change.

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If you’re ready for empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, inner strength, self-love and delight, then these choices are available to you:
  • Have you the determination to fully embody your innate gifts as a powerful woman?
    (Way of the Sacred Woman)
  • Are you ready to express all your gifts and talents?
    (Spirit Mapping)
  • Would you like to know your soul’s purpose this life?
    (Soul Reading)
  • Are you at a crossroads in your life and could benefit from some spiritual guidance?
    (Spiritual Supervision)
  • Is the wisdom of your body crying out to be heard?
    (Soul Reading)
  • Do you love travelling to sacred sites around the world with a group of like-minded individuals?
    (Sacred Travel)
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