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Offering Healing, Empowerment and Compassion.
I’m honored to work with Amazing Souls, Beautiful Women, Wise Bodies, Creative Mother Earth & Ancestral Mysteries.


I am Christine…

Raised among healers, intuitive from birth & a medical doctor since 1978, I’ve been called a Mystical Physician. I see healing & illness as soul centered, encouraging my clients & students to embrace life as a journey into wholeness.

We’re guests of Mother Earth: through healthy respect, she’s ready to share her mysteries so we may know true soul consciousness.

Change is inevitable, but we’re not alone. Together we can surf the waves of change & create a peaceful future for the next seven generations.

You’re invited to enter my world where you’ll find valuable tips to nurture your soul.

Earth Mysteries

Mother Earth is 4.54 billion years old:
we arrived 300,000 years ago. We’re her guests. She holds the mysteries for our spiritual evolution. It’s time to honor & respect her.


Women are natural spiritual leaders.
Our empowerment, equality & respect as women occur when we embody our innate gifts of clear sight, transformation, womb wisdom & creative power.

Spiritual Development

To know ourselves fully is our spiritual goal. The life we created with its experiences & relationships allows us to do this. Self-love, humor & introspection are the keys to enlightenment.


I’m proud to introduce my spiritual sisters who have successfully completed the certification requirements for the online course: Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman.

Episode 96 Seeing through our Third Eye

Episode 96 Seeing through our Third Eye

With so much information bombarding us from many different sources, both subliminal & conscious, it’s more important than ever to polish & use our third eye to see our own path forward. Expecting others to perceive things as we do can be as frustrating as explaining to a flat-lander that the world is round. The third eye encourages us to look beyond the obvious & delight in the unknown. 

Episode 95 Chakra Empowerment

Episode 95 Chakra Empowerment

I love working with chakras, seeing them as energetic doorways between our soul & our experiences. As we evolve consciously, these doorways lead us into exciting new dimensions. Through the meditation, feel empowered as we engage deeply with nine of the major chakras; enjoy!

Episode 94 Living the Life We Choose

Episode 94 Living the Life We Choose

When things are uncertain & changing every day, it’s easy to believe that all we can do is get tossed around by the storm. But even though we may not be able to control external events, our inherent free will always ensures that we can choose how to react to any situation, making wise & intuitive decisions that resonate with our loving soul. The choice is ours.

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