It’s time for women to embody and express their inherent power; to reconnect to an energy which was suppressed some 4000 years ago. Such power cannot be measured like physical strength for it is found within the very makeup of what it is to be a woman; her cycles, her shape, her compassion, her sensitivity to intuitive wisdom and her natural connection to the Earth.

It’s time for women to take their place as leaders in all areas of society around the world. Not to lead through the creation of hierarchy but by the nurturance of healthy communities. Women in leadership always seek co-operative partnerships with the focus on protecting the prosperity and growth of future generations.

It’s time for women to heal their hearts, creating reciprocally rewarding relationships based on compassion, honor and respect. This will only happen when women refuse to align with damaging stereotypes and recognize the innate perfection, power and beauty which exist in every woman.

Here is what Christine offers to support the healing, embodiment and empowerment of the Sacred Woman.
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