Heartspeak Podcast

Episode 059 The Heart of the Great Mother

The new world is here! Does your heart hear the call of the Great Mother? She’s urging us to leave behind the struggles & demands of the old world & create a world of peace, abundance & respect for all. Learn how to open your heart’s portal in this inter-dimensional world using your magician’s wand formed from completing the hero’s journey of success.

Heartspeak, Episode 058 Staying Centered in the Midst of Change

Life is changing at a rapid rate with new challenges every day. How do we stay centered in our own truth? Sticking our head in the sand like an ostrich is a limited solution. Change is good as long as it is generated from the center of our being; our heart. Learn how to differentiate between fear based information & heart-soul based knowing: refusing to listen to the former & gladly following the latter towards inner empowerment.

Heartspeak, Episode 057 Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

Is your mind overactive? Did you know that only 5% of our thinking is conscious? 95% is unconscious often emerging from our emotionally insecure ego, fed by old memories. Learn how to quiet the mind & create healthier more loving thoughts.

Heartspeak, Episode 056 Astrological Insights for 2020

We’ve arrived in the exciting 2020s. After the intense restructuring & simplification of your life in 2019 & with many powerful planets still in Capricorn, it’s time to embody your power, reclaim your unique gifts, spread your wings & make dreams come true. This podcast ends with an insightful meditation that should only be attempted when it is safe to close the eyes.

Heartspeak, Episode 55: Let Your Light Shine in 2020

With the winter solstice & new year, we’re all being called upon to cut away dead branches & dig up old roots so that our unique inner light can shine. To everything there is a season, 2020 is your year. Celebrate in the glow of your light.

Heartspeak, Episode 54:   2020 Vision

Despite present day chaos, many exciting features await us in the 2020s. Listen & learn how the so called junk DNA is waking up to inform of our spiritual ancestry including to the star people, why time is dissolving and how access to our multidimensional Universe is now becoming available to us. The New World is calling!

Heartspeak, Episode 53: Astrology for the Soul

The natal astrology chart represents our soul’s destiny & the challenges & strengths we have chosen to embrace during this life. Learn how each planet represents a different focus of energy essential for personal empowerment.

Heartspeak, Episode 52: Psychic Safety

Being psychic or intuitive is a wonderful spiritual gift. But such gifts come with responsibility towards honoring sacred space and working with integrity. Listen & learn how to develop good psychic skills of safety.

Heartspeak, Episode 51: Numerology for the Soul

Want to know the driving force behind your actions or perhaps your soul’s destiny? Using your birth date or birth name, numerology is an invaluable tool. Dive in to discover your gifts.

Heartspeak, Episode 49: Feeling Big

Heartspeak, Episode 49: Feeling Big

Feeling the need to expand & that it’s time to dance to a different drum? Trust your heart as it leads you into the new world. The old guard is keen to keep us small: don’t let it!

Heartspeak, Episode 48: Karma Clearing Time

Heartspeak, Episode 48: Karma Clearing Time

Been feeling frustrated, tired or sad? We’re all facing karmic decisions; do we stay with the security of Saturn or risk the transformation of Pluto. By following our heart we can have both!

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