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Heartspeak, Episode 48: Karma Clearing Time

tree of life B een feeling frustrated, tired or sad? We’re all facing karmic decisions; do we stay with the security of Saturn or risk the transformation of Pluto. By following our heart we can have both!

Heartspeak, Episode 47: Feeling is Healing

picture care of: ljl catz I f you were ever taught that emotions should be suppressed at all costs; you’re missing out on a huge potential as emotions or feelings are the energy required to ensure not only healing but transformation!

Heartspeak, Episode 46: Healthy Women, Happy Women

picture care of: Bobbie Ensary @ https://earthenergyreader.wordpress.com A s a MD, I’d expect to see the rise in women’s equality result in increasing overall wellness & happiness. But that’s not the case; heart disease, depression & other illnesses are increasing: time to focus on…

Heartspeak, Episode 45: Honoring the Life You Chose

ljl D espite life’s challenges, can we look beyond these and see that the conditions we chose prior to incarnation have given us perfect opportunities for soul growth?

Heartspeak, Episode 44: Moments in Time

ljl C an you recall an event that impacted you deeply? How did feel in the weeks before that moment & what resulted from that pivotal point? This moment did not occur in isolation but was a culmination of experiences & beliefs from ancestors…

Heartspeak, Episode 43: Forgive me my Expectations

ljl F orgiveness seeks to help us to let go of the pain following a traumatic event. But what happens when our pain comes from unmet expectations. What or who needs forgiving then?