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Heartspeak, Episode 43: Forgive me my Expectations

ljl F orgiveness seeks to help us to let go of the pain following a traumatic event. But what happens when our pain comes from unmet expectations. What or who needs forgiving then?

Heartspeak, Episode 42: The Mystery & Magic of the Crystal Skulls

ljl J oin me in a meditation sitting with your own crystal skull. These quartz artifacts carry multidimensional awareness, offering healing, predictions of future & other insightful opportunities.

Heartspeak, Episode 41: Entering the New World

ljl O ld beliefs & emotions secretly stored in closets are suddenly coming to meet us so we can decide which of them nurture our soul & which are drowning us. Only then can we decide what is worthy of our wonderful soul to…

Heartspeak, Episode 40: Compassionate Service not Sacrifice

ljl C ommonly heard in spiritual communities: I want to be of service. But when does service become sacrifice & where does love or compassion fit in? I’m a recovering martyr to the needs of others: compassion for self first has powerful affects on…

Heartspeak, Episode 39: Patient Centered Care

ljl W hat is Integrative or Holistic Health and does in guarantee that the patient & their needs are at the center of the treatments offered or is Integrative care just as reductionist as orthodox medicine?

Heartspeak, Episode 38: Responding to the Call

ljl H ave you noticed your life’s path is less certain? Are old ideas & dreams surfacing, demanding attention? Three powerful planets, Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn are turning retrograde this month, forcing us to go deep within & clear a path for new beginnings.…