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Christine’s new book, The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman: Health, Creativity and Fertility for the Soul is now available.

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Video: Dr. Christine Page on The Sacred Woman

Receiving her medical degree from the Royal Free Medical School, University of London in 1978, Christine Page, MD brings forth great wisdom from her knowledge of allopathic and complementary medicine, deep inner experience and her ability to bridge modalities and different levels of consciousness to offer us what comes next… She speaks clearly and frankly about the sacred healing power and capacity for renewal held in women’s bodies. To respect and work with this power we need to clear out old misperceptions, unhealthy ancestral beliefs and grief, so we can create a nurturing soil into which we can plant new seeds of growth and inspiration to benefit the health of individual, the family and the earth for generations to come.

“There is one thing women can never disconnect from, and that is the love of their children and grandchildren and their yearning for a sense of community. This kind of communion is
naturally inherent in the blood mysteries, for every woman in the world is primed to experience these cycles. If mothers want to create healthy futures for their children, they can do this only by celebrating, with their sisters, what it is to be a woman, beginning with their own lives. It is time to remove menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause from the realms of medical pathology and return them to the sacred events in a woman’s life that they are, revered through rites of passage and sacred ritual.” ~ Christine Page, MD.