The call went out and was heard by these wonderful women who competently completed the online course: Women’s Mysteries for the Modern Woman. There’s never been a more important time for such strong women to step forward and lead humanity towards a wiser, more compassionate & co-operative future which will benefit the next seven generations. The course required them to look deep within, heal ancestral wounds, create healthy emotional boundaries, embrace the creative dragon energy and embody all aspects of being a powerful woman. I am honored to call them my spiritual sisters and to endorse their choice to bring these teachings and rituals into their own practices.

Rachel Stewart Ph.D.

Holistic Life Coach & Counselor

Website: Inspire27

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Rachel Stewart, Ph.D. is a Holistic Life Coach who is dedicated to helping others with transformation and personal growth, Rachel works with people’s strengths to help them access and enhance their natural gifts to be able to align with their passion and purpose.


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