Sapphire Passport is Christine Page’s premium content, delivered online. Not only – but especially – for those who connect with and find meaning and value in their experience of Christine’s work (seminars, talks, books, Soul Readings, etc.), Sapphire Passport is a special and unique opportunity to go further on their journey: learn more, try new experiences and delve deeper.

Benefits of registering for a Sapphire Passport™ include:
  • Free access to Lunations, a monthly online offering focused around the new moon, especially for women of all ages (but not excluding men). Each month Christine will offer specific teachings and rituals for that month via video and audio formats as well as a take away written descriptions of any rituals offered.
  • Free access to talks and seminars given by Christine over the past years in both streaming video and MP3 format; updated over time. The audio sessions also include bonus information such as relevant tips, hints, exercises and teachings.
  • Free access to past interviews by Christine with notable personalities in the fields of energy healing and metaphysics.

Sapphire Passport is sometimes offered at a discounted fee for those who sign up alongside another event or offering.

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