Sacred Sites Mysteries

Throughout my life, I’ve been privileged to journey to many beautiful and amazing places in the world, meeting with many wonderful people who call these locations home.

Of all the sites visited, I’m most intrigued by those whose origins & usage are unknown or still under debate. Such places stimulate my natural curiosity and stretch my imagination outside the 3D box.

I believe these sacred sites – some natural, others constructed – contain an essential message for us all. Such messages are not usually written in a modern language but in the universal languages that include sound, geometric designs, cosmic placement and mathematical order.

I invite you to journey with me as we access the energy of these sacred sites, with the intention of evoking a deep intuitive remembering & stimulating new conscious awareness of our personal and collective place in the Universe.

Through videos and meditations, I’ll share not only information from leading researchers but also my own intuitive insights received during my visits. As with any true & unbiased exploration, I’m open to receiving fresh insights & new discoveries, updating the videos accordingly.

As we travel virtually together, please remember to pack an quiet mind, oodles of curiosity & armfuls of compassion for our vibrant blue planet and its inhabitants.

I’ll enjoy reading your thoughts in the comment box below each video.

Virtual travel videos coming soon!

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