The health of a woman is intricately linked to the rhythms of her body, whatever her age. When she is out of touch with these rhythms, illness develops, appearing as heart disease, breast cancer, PMS and uterine fibroids, to name just a few. Each phase of her cycle mirrors her sacred purpose; to purify, transform, nurture and inspire, these roles being carried out not only for herself but also for her family.

The seminar offers information how to restore rhythms of health through musically inspired visual imagery.

Come and feel the rhythm

Other topics which will be covered include:

  • Healing the wounds of our ancestors to clear the way for our grandchildren’s wellbeing
  • How every woman can tap into the phases of fertility on a monthly basis
  • How self–respect and healthy boundaries are essential for optimal health
  • The importance of maternal love and bonding in the first five years of life
  • Specific times when a woman to highly receptive to intuitive insights and seeds of inspiration
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