For too long illness has been seen as something which happens to us, its onset, exacerbated by external factors such as what we eat and whether we smoke, drink or exercise. When the focus does turn within, there is a tendency to look at genes and chemical imbalances.

But what if some of the contributing factors of illness come from an even deeper source; how we think and what we believe about ourselves? Recent genetic research shows that our perceptions deeply impact the expression of our genetic make–up and ultimately, the health of our body.

Many of these perceptions are familial or cultural, passed down through the generations until we make them our own. For instance, it is well known that 85% of people who develop cancer are ‘nice’ people or pleasers, who have been taught as children to suppress their anger and always consider the needs of others before thinking of their own needs.

Despite the obvious trauma associated with illness, it is also a gift. Illness creates a unique space for us to stop and review our life, jettisoning any well–worn beliefs which do not nurture and support our wellbeing and creating new patterns of behavior which honor our new sense of self–love and self–confidence.

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