Women’s Healing from the Inside Out

In pursuit of wellbeing, much research has concentrated on external causative factors; what we eat, drink and whether we smoke or exercise. When the focus has turned inwards, studies have tended to focus on genes, the brain and chemical imbalances. But what if some of the motivating factors of illness come from an even deeper source; how we think and what we believe about ourselves? Recent genetic research shows that our perceptions, and especially those which are familial, deeply impact the expression of our genetic make–up and ultimately, the health of our body.

Such perceptions include whether we like the way we look, listen to our body’s needs, treat ourselves with generosity, respect and kindness and even whether we like being a woman. Today, women are more confident than their grandmothers yet this self–assurance has often occurred at the cost of their femininity which remains an enigma and even an inconvenience. We are bombarded by media images telling us how we should, look, act and behave, at work, in our relationships and in bed. Anything less than perfection is buried in shame and embarrassment, not to be shared even with our closest friends.

The wellbeing of a family or a tribe is dependent on the health of its women. Yet, many women were erroneously taught that service and even sacrifice, in the name of love, were acceptable for the sake of the family, with women often placing themselves low on the list of priorities. These distorted perceptions did not happen overnight, but have been passed down over generations until we have reached a crisis point when it is essential that women reclaim and embody their true identity and purpose.

This seminar, encompassing both a lecture and experiential format, offers deeper insights into the link between the mind and the health of the body and offers ways to connect to and respect the deeper aspects of womanhood, thus restoring wellbeing to the individual and humanity as a whole.

Also included:
  • How to be true to our heart and let the deep healing begin
  • Recognizing the power to change our circumstances
  • Seeing emotions as warning signs that things are not OK
  • Listening to the wisdom of the body as a message from the Soul
  • Reawakening to the love and compassion of the Great Mother, providing support for health and well-being for all women.
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