The Miraculous Heart, Totteridge 2007

The Miraculous Heart, Totteridge 2007

The Miraculous Heart

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

The Miraculous Heart, Totteridge 2007

This seminar includes; why joy is so important for a healthy heart, what happens when we’re not in rhythm with our heart’s desires, the real truth behind cholesterol and heart disease and why gut feelings aren’t always an accurate guide for our intuition. PLUS exercises to connect to the loving power of the heart, to enhance the intuition and show where our life is out of balance. PLUS; visual imagery exercises to meet the inner Virgin, Crone and the Trickster.

Selected teaching from this seminar:
Psycho-spiritual factors associated with heart disease.
The electromagnetic field of the heart is 50 times more powerful than that of the brain: it can light a small bulb. The energy radiating from one person’s heart can be measured up to 15 feet away; the most intense energy found within the first 3 feet, especially when expressing joy and happiness.

Psycho-spiritual factors associated with heart disease

Lack of Joy

For 30 years we’ve known that the highest incidence of heart disease occurs between 8 & 9 am on a Monday morning with the individual experiencing heart-sink at the thought of another week of work. His/her life is full of multiple rules and limitations. 20 years ago, we rarely saw young people with heart disease, now they’re dying from coronary artery disease in their late 20s. Our world has becoming more limiting not less, despite all the advantages of this modern day.


It is known that people who live in a community or family where they are respected for what they do, who they are and are allowed to share feelings without judgment, have far less heart disease.


The cardiologist, Dr. Dean Ornish, found that one of the prognostic factors which led to heart disease was loneliness, recognizing that one could be even lonely in a crowd. So it is useful to ask yourself: Who really knows you? What’s in your heart that nobody has ever heard? It’s time to share.


Stress is often cited as a cause of heart disease linked to high blood cholesterol. However, it’s important to know that 80% of blood cholesterol is made by the liver in response to stress, as the precursor for the production of the hormone cortisone, essential to deal with stress. Only 20% comes from diet. Thus on being told that our cholesterol is high and we may die, our liver immediately makes 80% more cholesterol to deal with the stress of the prognosis! My advice is to seek a method of stress reduction which brings the personality in alignment with the soul.

Learning to give and take

On average, heart muscles relaxation and contraction are seen as equally important; each stage taking approximately 0.4secs. When these facts are transcribed to a 24 hour period, we can see we need to work for 12 hours and rest for 12 hours, with work including housework, driving children to various events, answering e-mails and even thinking! Our nurturing heart wants us to find balance; giving and receiving. Nobody, on their death bed, has ever said to me that they wished they had worked more! What would you do differently if you knew that love was enough?

Having a Dog!

It’s been found that having a dog helps to reduce the risk of having a heart attack. The unconditional lover whose tail, only drops for a short time, before rebounding with joy. A dog will eat the food we shouldn’t, take us for walks, listen to us without answering back and allow us to receive healing touch while we stroke it. Everybody should be written a prescription to receive love from our canine friends.

Further teachings and exercises on the heart can be found in Christine’s books Frontiers of Health and the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman.

Living in a Holographic Universe – Winston Salem 2006

Living in a Holographic Universe – Winston Salem 2006

Living In a Holographic Universe

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

Living in a Holographic Universe – Winston Salem 2006

This talk includes; how to clear out old patterns of behavior to make way for new abundance, how the whales transmit the frequency of consciousness through their songs, the role of wormholes, how to increase synchronicity and the patterns belonging to Indigo and Crystal children PLUS a visual imagery exercise to connect to the heart of the Great Mother.

Selected teaching from this seminar: The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children
Once we accept that everything outside us is a holographic representative of our perceptions or thoughts, we free ourselves from being a victim of our circumstances or other peoples; actions and take control of our own lives, with the choice to change our reality if we choose, by changing our perceptions.

The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

Indigo children – the title coined in the 1970s – struggle to shift old dogmas and institutional ideals often causing them to be labeled as being difficult, anti-social or suffering from ADHD and being drugged accordingly. The fallout from such widespread prescribing is still to be determined but we need to acknowledge and celebrate the courage of these young people whose impact today will affect the generations who follow. Characteristics include:

  • Empathic, intuitive and sensitive
  • Able to see through lies
  • Strong-willed warriors
  • Interested in New Age or metaphysical matters
  • Resistant to authority
  • Peacemakers

Crystal children – who appeared on the planet around 1990 – are strong, confident, knowing exactly who they are, where they’ve come from and why they’re here. They don’t need parenting, causing consternation to their parents who are unsure what to do with these wise old souls within the bodies of their children. Their confidence gives them a natural, egoless manner where things are simple and clear. For instance; a five year old was found walking around a healing center where children were usually barred. When questioned, she replied that the reason she was there was to observe the situation before taking over the clinic later in life.

Another 6 year old was observed offering his thoughts on the meaning of life and the function of the Universe to his fellow students. When advised by the teacher that he was just the student, he simply replied; “Madam you are here to help me read and count and after that I am your teacher!”

They express the following characteristics:

  • Remember their connection to the divine source
  • Aware of their soul’s purpose
  • Don’t need parenting
  • Are here to establish group or unity consciousness
  • Have clairvoyant & healing gifts
  • Express unconditional love

Rainbow Children – These children appeared on the planet after 2000 and express these characteristics:

  • Smiling and bright eyed.
  • Wise beyond their years
  • Loving
  • Full of forgiveness

Further teachings on the Holographic Universe can be found in Christine’s books Mirror of Existence, Spiritual Alchemy and 2012 and the Galactic Center; the Return of the Great Mother.

Listening to the Wisdom of the Body – Jackson Hole 2006

Listening to the Wisdom of the Body – Jackson Hole 2006

the Wisdom of the Body

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

Listening to the Wisdom of the Body – Jackson Hole 2006

This talk includes; why people become sick, the opportunity of illness, the message behind certain illnesses, including lower back pain, fibromyalgia and fibroids PLUS a visual imagery exercise to access the message of the illness and how to recreate harmony.

Selected teaching from this seminar:
The link between the meridians, the elements and wellbeing. In 90% of patients, illness is a wake-up call from the soul advising a change of direction to bring them back into alignment with their soul’s path. At the same time, the nature of the disease often provides clear information as to the changes required to redress the imbalance.

Chinese Medicine and the link between the elements and well-being.

Chinese Medicine, the basis of acupuncture, recognizes the link between the elements (fire, wood, earth, water and metal), the function of the body and different emotion or physiological states. When an element is out of balance so are the associated organs.

Kidney and bladder meridians: the element of water

Organs involved: kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, teeth, bones, hair and ears.

Function: to store and supply energy, Qi, essential for the body to function. Some of the energy is ancestral energy and some is acquired from the wisdom we acquire through life. When we inherit and live with positive optimism, our Qi is strong. When we experience fear or constant worry, we can experience adrenal burnout, kidney disease or hypertension.
Trust, warmth, adequate sleep and relaxation are essential for healthy kidney energy.

Liver and gall bladder meridians: the element of wood

Organs involved:liver, gallbladder, breast, uterus, prostate, throat, tendons, nails and eyes.

Function: to maintain harmonic movement within the body and in particular, the flow of blood, emotions and Qi. When our movement through life is smooth and guided by clear decisions, our liver energy flows. When we feel stuck either mentally or physically, emotions such as resentment, irritability and anger start to build and eventually fester, impacting our health and relationships.
Learning to recognize resentment as a sign that some movement is required, leads to a healthy liver. Either move your position physically or change your thinking to restore harmony.

Heart and small intestine meridians: the element of fire

Organs involved: heart and small intestine. When imbalanced, experience indigestion, food sensitivities and bloating.

Function: when the heart is happy every other organ is happy. The heart houses Shen or spirit, feeding us with creative inspiration. When we give voice to our soul’s inspiration, our heart sings and we feel joy. When the energy is blocked, we become depressed. The heart needs to act as ‘king or queen’ in our life otherwise we may experience agitation, insomnia, excessive dreaming, forgetfulness and even insanity.
Self-love, the expression of creative ideas and joyfulness of spirit make for a healthy heart.

Stomach and spleen meridian: the element of earth

Organs involved: stomach, spleen and uterus.

Function: to generate energy whether from physical sources, such as food, or from emotional sources, such as love to ensure inner security. The ability to nurture ourselves with the energy of food or love is dependent on the bonding with our birth mother and with the spiritual Great Mother. If either are lacking, we develop distrust, obsessive worry or a compensatory desire to care for others, which can lead to paranoia, difficulties in bonding with others, and issues of separation.

Walks in Nature, enjoying good food and being with friends, all lead to a health stomach.

Lung and large intestine meridian: the element of metal

Organs involved: lungs, sinuses, skin and large intestine.

Function: concerned with the cyclical movement of water and energy reminding us of the cyclical nature of life through death and rebirth. When we fail to grieve and release the old, we develop an imbalance in the lung meridian.

Remembering there is a time to breathe in and a time to exhale ensure healthy lungs.

Further teachings and exercises can be found in Christine’s books, Frontiers of Health, the Mind, Body, Spirit workbook (with accompanying CD) and the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, her CD Webs of Peace and the wall chart, Wheel of Wholeness.

Listening to the Intuitive Wisdom of the Body – Cheltenham 2006

Listening to the Intuitive Wisdom of the Body – Cheltenham 2006

The Intuitive Wisdom of the Body

by Dr. Christine Page | Past Talks

Listening to the Intuitive Wisdom of the Body – Cheltenham 2006

This seminar at an Emotional Therapy conference includes; recognizing the message of disease, how listening to our intuition brings us closer to our true sense of self, the wisdom of the crystal children and tips on how to enhance the intuition PLUS invaluable exercises on how to the wisdom of the body.

Selected teaching from this seminar: Hearing the wisdom of the body through voice dialogue.
The body is not the enemy, unsupportive of our endeavors; it is one of our greatest friends, taking on the stress we’re unable to handle emotionally, willing to express disharmony when we drift too far from our soul’s truth and providing us with clear signposts as to the direction to take.

Hearing the wisdom of the body through voice dialogue

The purpose of this very powerful exercise is to receive added insight about an illness which is current or from the past which can even include problems of the mind. It is best carried out with a partner as it is easy to prejudice the answer by previous awareness of ourselves. The partner asks the questions and the ‘client’ answers, using their voice as the mouthpiece for all the various parts of their body which wish to speak. It is often easier for the client to close their eyes during the process to maintain focus.

Partner: Ask for a brief history of the problem to set the scene. Spend no more than a few minutes on information gathering mainly concerned with present day symptoms.
Partner: Speaking to the whole body, make the statement: “I understand that David (the client) has been complaining of the following symptoms…?” Name them.
Wait for the answer which needs to be verbal and not just a nod.
Partner: “I know that you only want the best for David; is that right?” Wait for the answer which needs to be verbal and not just a nod.
Partner: “Can I speak to parts of the body which may be able to shed some light on the problem or the message behind the symptoms?” It is not always the part of the body which is diseased which has something to say.

In order, to reduce the tendency for the client to speak from their head, it helps to start a conversation with the part of the body before asking the big questions much as you would do when meeting someone for the first time! “Hallo big toe, may I speak with you?” Wait for the answer which needs to be verbal and not just a nod. If the client does tend to speak from their logical self, pause the process and redirect them back to the body part letting the mind/head know that there will be a time to talk later.

Partner: “I understand that you have something to say about David symptoms?” (Describe the symptoms briefly). Receive confirmation from the client.
Partner: “What does he need to hear from you today to ease the situation?” Remember to re-enforce the fact that the body is not the enemy even though it is exhibiting pain or disability. If we feel accused, we immediately cease conversation or become defensive.
Answer from the body: “What I want to say is ……”
Partner: “If he hears this, will this be enough?” Continue until there is full understanding, mirroring the information back to the body; “So David doesn’t always listen or he tries to do too much etc.?” Receive confirmation from the client. “What needs to change?”
Don’t be satisfied with the fact that “stress” is the problem or “they need to exercise more or eat less.” This is not new, ask; “I suspect they know this already, why don’t they follow this advice?”
Partner: when a suggestion is offered ask: “Will David listen?” The answer is often; “No”. So you may reply; “So you are going to continue to give David pain until he hears you?” Receive confirmation from the client.
Partner: It is sometimes useful to ask: “Why were you chosen from all the parts of the body to express this disharmony? What is your special role in David’s life?” (What is the role of this organ in the body …they may or may not have an answer).
Partner: Always reflect the answers back to the client ie. If the back says it is stiff, ask; “So is David stiff?” remembering the strong, mind/body link. The body is only the reflector of a deeper reality. Once you have received all the information you can from that body part, thank the part which has been speaking and ask permission to speak to the new part. It is important to leave the individual feeling comfortable especially if feelings have been exposed.
Partner: When you feel complete and that may just be with a release of tears without words, then go back through all the parts of the body and ask if there is more to say and if not thank them and then the person.
Partner: Offer a review allowing them to express their feelings and insights which may not have been spoken.

Enjoy the experience; you are speaking to a wonderful intelligent being!

Further teachings and exercises can be found in Christine’s books: Mind, Body, Spirit Workbook (with accompanying CD), Spiritual Alchemy, Frontiers of Health and the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, the CD Webs of Peace and the wall chart, Wheel of Wholeness.

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