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Heartspeak, Episode 31: The Magic of Caring

FoH leland To care is often seen as an essential part of any relationship. Yet, the act of caring is not so simple, often wrapped in emotional needs, unexpressed expectations or powerful magical beliefs. Let’s unravel the enigma that is, the magic of caring.

Heartspeak, Episode 30: Astrological Delights of 2019

FoH leland 2019 is upon us; let’s see how the planets will affect us both personally & globally. We start with a bang with a partial solar eclipse on January 5/6 in Capricorn: Get ready…Get steady…Go!
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Heartspeak, Episode 29: Opening our Hearts to 2020 and Beyond

FoH leland How do we prepare ourselves in 2019 for the huge changes beginning in January 2020? 2012 birthed a new 26,000 year cycle, interdimensional doors opened on 11/11/18 & now we’re ready to create the toroidal portal in our heart to reach the…

Heartspeak, Episode 28: Women’s Empowerment from the Inside Out

Pixabay Lilawind Are women powerful? You bet. Does this only come from exercising our bodies and intellects? Nope. We can do these things, but our greatest power and strength is already programmed into our bodies. By honoring our cycles, rooting ourselves in Mother Earth,…

Heartspeak, Episode 27: Return of the Dragons, Mermaids & many more

Pixabay Lilawind Have you noticed more and more attention is being given to mythical beings such as dragons, mermaids and unicorns? Perhaps you have personal stories to tell. Why are they returning? Because these creatures, who are able to live comfortably in more than…

Heartspeak, Episode 26: When More is NOT Enough

FoH Have you felt that the people around you demand more & more from you, but it never seems to be enough? It may be more love, attention or approval but however much you pour in at the top, they seem to turn a…