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Heartspeak, Episode 36: What does it Actually Mean to be Spiritual

ljl I often hear; he’s so spiritual! But what does that really mean? The word is often used to describe someone whose daily disciplines are believed to bring them closer to the Divine. But if the essence of spirit is flow, like the breath,…

Heartspeak, Episode 35: Having Sex or Making Love

gwen Y ou’d have thought in the 21st century & with abundant references to sex in the media, we’d know the difference between sex and making love, yet painful confusion continues. Here are some helpful hints to aim for love!

Heartspeak, Episode 34: Immunity for Body & Soul

Dr. Page HoWM You may know that foods rich in antioxidants, regular exercise and sunshine enhance of physical immunity. But did you know that feelings of helplessness quickly cause immune dysfunction? Hear how the development of a loving sense of self & healthy emotional…

Heartspeak, Episode 33: The Magic & Myths of Chakras

Dr. Page HoWM In the 35 years I’ve been working with chakras, seeing them as windows into our multi-layered spiritual lives, I’ve come to understand their brilliant magic & some untrue myths.
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Heartspeak, Episode 32: Artificial Intelligence the Good, Bad & Ugly

Matrix AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay. Already most of us appreciate its value as we move through our busy lives. But is there a darker side as we question who’s in control? As AI replaces humans in many jobs, we’re being offered…
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Heartspeak, Episode 31: The Magic of Caring

FoH leland To care is often seen as an essential part of any relationship. Yet, the act of caring is not so simple, often wrapped in emotional needs, unexpressed expectations or powerful magical beliefs. Let’s unravel the enigma that is, the magic of caring.