Welcome to Heartspeak podcast!

Let me introduce myself. Having spent so many years speaking from my heart, listening to my heart, following my heart and advising clients & audiences to do the same, it felt only natural to call my podcast Heartspeak.

Speaking from the heart offers honest & open communication without blaming, shaming or from a desire for gain. And because the comments are based on my experiences, they can’t be disproved; they are just my simple and sincere truth in that moment.

Learn :
1.Ways to trust yourself and others so you can speak hoenstly from your heart.
2.How speaking from and listening with our hearts changes our relationships for the better.
3.How following the intuitive messages of our soul means we’ll fulfi our dreams & destiny.

Finally, there is a short meditation or visual imagery excercise to root yourself into Mother Earth.

Disclaimer: the meditation/ visual imagery exercise should not be attempted while driving, on a treadmill, working with heavy machinery or any other situation when not seated or lying down with eyes closed.

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