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It’s strange, despite the terrible events of the past few weeks & all the mainstream media coverage, I feel an optimism about the future. I put it down to Saturn square Neptune (26th Nov 2015 June 18th & Sept 10 2016). No, I’m not lost in a Neptunian delusion; in fact I’m seeing the light more clearly than ever before.

It’s commonly said that Saturn in Sagittarius denotes someone stuck in their own opinions, fearful of expanding their horizons and with rather a pessimistic outlook on life. Sagittarius is the half-man, half horse archer who yearns to expand his horizons by firing his arrows and then chasing after them. (Hence the commonly given advise to Sagittarians to perhaps think before they speak or act.) Sagittarius is in search of the greater truth behind the make-up of reality so he’s constantly travelling (whether physically or mentally) to expand his understanding of religion, education and philosophy.

If Saturn is seen as that which limits or restricts us, Saturn in Sagittarius (since Sept 2015- Dec 2017) implies that restrictive reins have been applied to the horse, causing us to fear stepping outside the familiar field. It can also mean that our truth becomes limited ie based on limited foundations. But there is another interpretation of Saturn in Sagittarius; difficulty knowing or telling the truth.

The highest level of astrological Saturn is that it shows us what we’re here to learn so we can then teach what we know. Saturn is our teacher. So what are we learning from the present position of Saturn in the skies?

Where is our truth limited? Where is what we’re being told, only half the story? How can we learn to hear and follow our own truth?

If we look at the other half of the conflicting square, Neptune in Pisces, we see three relevant definitions;
1) Lost in delusion or fairy tales 2) Unlimited potential for union with the oneness. 3) Desire for togetherness (to do away with separation) and to seek the Divine within each of us.

So here’s a few suggestions of what we may experience from now until Sept 2016 from the square between Saturn and Neptune:
a) Increasing gatherings between those who seek togetherness by pledging to a set of limited beliefs, which dispel isolation but limit individual freedom.
b) Misinformation & fanciful stories being created in order to limit the truth.
c) Freedom being traded for the false certainty of safety & security.
d) Learning to listen to & trust our own truth, with the courage to step beyond the familiar confines of the field and reach for unlimited possibilities of connection with those who may look different but are fundamentally the same; a soul reaching out to express their own truth.

Which path will you take? There is no right or wrong, just the freedom to choose!

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