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To be honest, for the past month, I’ve had sex on my mind! Now, just to set you straight, it’s been more of an exploration, finding myself in interesting talks with other women about sensuality, infidelity, attraction, intimacy and whether sex is essential for a healthy relationship. If we take our lead from movies, sex seems to be either a prelude to a romantic dinner or follows on after the dessert, without any complications. But the truth is, this 3 letter word is much more complex and carries a power which has been used in various ways throughout our history.

Esoterically, sex is the union of two forces which together experience the bliss of oneness; literally to make love. Sounds wonderful but isn’t always easy to achieve. First, the two individuals have to agree whether they’re in it only for the sex (base chakra) or want relationship (sacral chakra) which brings respect and the beginning of trust. Too many times, both initially agree to sex, but one secretly hopes the partner will want to take it to the next level and feels betrayed, disappointed and even abused when no such invitation is received. If we simply want base chakra sex, it falls into the same category as anything which offers a quick fix, maybe leaving us wanting more and more after a short while.

Once ‘relationship’ is achieved then we move towards the heart and are ready surrender to love; not so simple if we have trust issues or fear true intimacy which involves more than just the removal of clothes. Finally, bonded through the heart, we surge towards the orgasmic bliss of oneness from which both receive healing and inspiration.

Around the world, ‘having sex’ has so many different connotations, often nothing to do with ‘making love.’ Proving one’s self, pleasing others, getting rid of excess energy, making babies, scoring and believing it’s your right. From a woman’s point of view, she is the source of the dragon/ serpent ladder which makes the climb up to the crown chakra possible. If she is not ‘lit up’ magnetically ie romanced and sexually aroused prior to sex, then there is no purpose to the whole process.

I offer these last thoughts:

1) The Native Americans say: when you mix fluids with another person you are joined to that person emotionally for 3 years.
2) We would change the world overnight for the better if any woman planning to sleep with a married man, first went and asked his wife!

As the song says; what’s love got to do with it?

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