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So Saturn’s finally leaving the deep watery sign of Scorpio; Hurray! I know I’m not alone when I say I’m ready to wash off the mud from the early part of 2015 and move forward. Since mid June to mid September (Saturn’s recent excursion back into Scorpio), deep emotions and old memories have been dredged to the surface of my psyche, to be faced once and for all. My soul has been saying: Are you ready to learn from the experience or do you want to carry this emotional baggage for another 28 years? Many have told me of their decision to change what appeared comfortable for many years but now just doesn’t resonate any more.

Saturn is linked to time and says: It’s time to set enjoy the freedom that Sagittarius brings.

Sagittarius loves travel, expanding boundaries, searching for truth especially in the realms of education, religion and philosophy. We could see some dedicated attention being given to these areas. Saturn will remain in this sign until December 2017 and will play an important role in the lead up to the US elections in November 2016. This is especially true as we have several squares to Neptune in Pisces the latter inspiring illusion, magic tricks, gurus and mystical leadership. Saturn in Sagittarius asks that we examine what is being said and see if it resonates with our own truth.
Transits November 26th, 2015, June 17, 2016, and September 10th, 2016

Last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was November 1985-February 1988; you may wish to look back and see what was happening in your life then. When Saturn is in Sagittarius, we look for practical ways of expressing our personal beliefs without becoming rigid or evangelical. Saturn will continually say: Are you walking your truth? Sagittarius can be tactless and impatient but with Saturn in its corner, we may find ourselves becoming more thoughtful, making wiser decisions and focusing on the bigger picture rather than on immediate rewards.

At the end of the day, we’ll look back and be amazed how far we’ve travelled in such a short time, proud of the practical steps we’ve taken to achieve our goals.

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