by Christine Page, M.D.

At an anniversary meal, at one of my favorite restaurants, a mistake was made with our drink order which could have had serious consequences. The very apologetic waiter called over his manager, to exercise ‘damage limitation.’ She arrived with a dispassionate look which said; What’s all the fuss, I’m a busy woman whose been well trained to never show emotion or accept liability. Her only comment to me was; Shall I take away the offending drink? And hurried away.

But her attitude, reminded me of an article I’d read for women which talked about how to “handle tears in the office.” The author’s advice; 1) Take a break 2) Think over the situation at home 3) Revisit the problem at work 4) Move on. All logically thought out suggestions when working in a man’s world! The author also suggested that a woman’s sensitivity and the resultant tears were due to high levels of the hormone prolactin in a women’s blood stream. The only problem with this theory is that prolactin, the mothering hormone, is only very high in pregnant and lactating mothers. Interestingly, it’s also raised after sex in both genders, switching off a man’s libido and causing him to fall asleep, nature’s way of trying to ensure that the male stays with his partner and potential offspring, a theory that works better in animals than humans!

Tears Contain Different Constituents Depending on the Emotion

As a homeopath, I learned tears contain different constituents depending on the emotion. There are tears of joy, love & happiness, tears of sorrow & grief and tears of anger & frustration. Metaphorically, tears can be seen as the water which washes away the past or like the great ocean, connects us more fully to ourselves. But when they are tears of frustration & shame (much more common in an office setting) they show a woman who’s lost her voice & isn’t speaking from her power.

Where is this power? It’s stored in the womb, the sacral chakra. It is the power of transformation.
How did we become disconnected from this energy? We’ve been encouraged to speak from our throats & our minds rather from our instincts & emotions.
Where does it come from? It rises up from beneath our feet, from the energy within the Earth, also known as dragon energy.
Why would a women not want to tap into her power? For centuries, women have been have been shamed for being too assertive & knowing too much. Using her innate intuition, she sees through peoples’ masks & this scares her fellow workers, so they tease her, shame her & ignore her suggestions, leading to tears of frustration.

So women, next time you feel like crying ask yourself; What do I intuitively know that isn’t being spoken? Can I lower my energy to my womb & speak my truth with respect & integrity? Am I ready to be the instrument of transformation even within my own life? Or do I just want to feel frustrated forever?”

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