Over the next decade, we’ll see the birth of a new unified consciousness when people begin to work together, with common values, to create a more compassionate and peace world. Who better to help in the birth but women, whose bodies and minds are perfectly designed not only to birth a baby but also new levels of inspiration?

In ancient times, it was always women who led the way when it came to creating policies which were best for the family, the tribe and the country, because women were seen to have clear insight, loving hearts and the power to make things happen. Yet, over the past millennia, women have lost their way, often abandoning their feminine instincts to follow the desires and ways of men.

Now is the time for women to remember their sacred identity, heal the wounds of the past and embody the feminine qualities which will create a healthy future for all the many generations who follow.

The Essential Healing of Women
from the Inside Out

Women were created with curves and juiciness to mirror the Great Mother, expressing the fertility in their wombs, compassion in their hearts and inspiration in their minds. However, over the past 3500 years, women have forgotten their divine purpose, often abandoning the feminine instincts. As humanity faces an era of uncertainty and chaos, it is essential for women to wake up and reclaim their inherent powers.

This seminar is a celebration of the feminine, using music, imagery and sacred rituals, to reconnect the participant to the mysteries of womanhood while healing old wounds, especially those of the heart.

Location: The Center at Westwoods, Westwood, MA.
Dates: September 14-16th 2012 or April 5-7 2013
Times: Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 9am- 8pm and Sunday 9am-4pm
Fee:  $495 (lodging and meals not included)


Embodying the Divine Feminine
With Christine, Leland and yoga and movement expert Julie Lusk

This women’s workshop uses guided meditation, yogic practices, movement, and music , to rediscover heartfelt wisdom, self-love and natural strength, enabling each participant to live a life of meaning and purpose as a full-blooded woman.

We will intuitively explore the Goddess’ juicy and compassionate energy through the feminine chakras, releasing erroneous beliefs and emotional obstacles leading to renewal of inherent wholeness, and courage to fulfill our soul’s destiny.

CEUs are available for social workers, counselors and nurses.

Location: Hilton Head Marriott, SC
Dates: December 6-9th 2012
Times: Thursday 6-9pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 8am-12pm
Cost:  Before July 15th 2012 $450, after July 15th $550


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