Sacred Tour: Malta, Gozo, Avebury & Glastonbury

October 7th-21st 2012


As some of you know, I have spent the past year writing a book, provisionally titled “In Search of Woman.” During my research it’s become increasing clear that there is an unacceptable disconnect between our bodies, male and female, and the Great Mother’s wisdom and energy, a situation that cannot continue if we are going to make this essential leap in consciousness, within the next few years.

Upon the tiny Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo, are some of the oldest megalithic sites in the world, all dedicated to the feminine, as the recipient and transformer of universal energies. Mythology tells us that during the time of Atlantis, Malta was a major city which controlled incoming energies from a consciousness known as the Queen Bee. All over the island, is evidence of the bee’s presence, especially in the underground Hypogeum, where individuals would enter honeycomb like rooms, to experience spiritual restoration. Within the vaults of this sanctuary, a tiny figure known as ‘the sleeping lady’ was found. It is said that the Queen Bee removed her energy towards the end of Atlantis, when she saw mankind misusing her energy. I believe it is time to persuade her to awaken, for we need her wisdom more than ever before.

We will stay on Malta and Gozo for 10 days and then spend three nights in England to visit two other sites dedicated to the goddess, this time in her form as the Dragon Queen. Glastonbury and Avebury are sites of fertility, creativity and birth which were created to symbolize the sacred marriage between heaven and earth, the masculine and feminine. At all the sites, we will perform rituals and ceremonies, surrounded by fun, good food, relaxation and laughter.

The trip is still in the planning stages although the dates are set, with the first meeting on Sunday 7th October in Malta (hotel to be decided). The trip will probably end on Saturday 20th October, leaving from London. Leland and I would love to have you join us on another amazing adventure where your presence will make a world of difference.

With love and blessings,

Christine and Leland

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