My heart goes out to those in Britain as I watch the news on the BBC and see so many areas that I know and love undergoing mindless and wanton vandalism. At this time, the first priority is to quell the riots, make safe the communities and to clear up the mess. Then the questions will begin, aimed towards to why, who and what can be done in the future.

My recent visits to the UK showed me that this is a country, which despite the economic downturn, has a lot to be proud of and with the upcoming 2012 Olympics, has been chosen to be centre stage, when it comes to the changes which are sweeping across the globe around 2012 and beyond.

Astrologically, riots based on old grievances, were bound to surface. Let me explain. Uranus the planet of sudden action, rebellion and revolution entered Aries in the middle of March 2011 (having briefly been there May-Aug 2010). It was in the summer of 2010 that the first riots erupted in the Tunisia, Egypt and the other parts of the Middle East. Because Aries is the sign associated with new beginnings, action and also war, it was inevitable that Uranus in Aries would bring violence as there is a revolution to rid ourselves of the old and start a new way of governance, one of group consciousness and not based on greed.  In May 2010, Britain began its own change in governance, whether intentional or not, when two parties were forced to work together, providing a more co-operative front.

The other planet strongly linked to change is Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, which since November 2008, has been slowly working its way through Capricorn, the sign of structure, form and authority. Starting with the first financial meltdown, the housing crash and the credit squeeze, it showed the top heavy weakness of many of the institutions around the world. All those things upon which we are reliant are being put to the test, whether banks, religion, politics, education and our right to have a home and job.

Pluto is the dark goddess who is searching through the depths of our psyche to bring to the surface the gems of our existence, but first she causes us to examine our past and our secrets. Pluto brings these secrets to the surface –the phone tapping scandal – as well as grievances which have been hidden and festering from the past especially in relation to people who we believe have authority or precedence over us. As we saw with Rupert Murdoch, nobody is immune to Pluto’s glare and many more powerful people will enter the spotlight in the future. Many people are experiencing crises in their lives, such as illness and death of loved ones, so that they can examine their own levels of inner authority and see what really matters.

Uranus is in Aries until 2019 and Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024 so get used to the ride.

What has the focus of many astrologers at present, are the squares occurring between these two planets from 2011until 2016. When one planet is square to another it brings friction, tension and change: they are pretty close most of August 2011 with the next exact squares being June and August 2012 following by May 2013.

Many are speaking of this square following the conjunction/ alignment between these two planets in Virgo 1965-67. These were the years of revolution and change and much of it began in Britain whether with the music, the way people dressed or connected. Is it any wonder that the revolution has erupted in Britain again? In the end, this will not be about these gangs of young people on the streets in August 2011 but the transformation we will see in the months that follow when the Brits do what they do best, rally around a crisis one street and community at a time.

The last time Uranus and Pluto were square was in 1931-1932 when we saw bank failures, tension between Japan and China and the rise of fascism and Adolf Hitler. At that time, Uranus was once again in Aries but this time Pluto was in Cancer, so it was the sense of family and home which were threatened. But we are not in the 1930s, we are in 2011 and all indigenous cultures talk about this time as the Great Shift. The Maya say 2012 is the beginning, 2023 is the middle and 2038 is the end. I like to say 2012 is similar to the delivery of the baby when naively you might think everything is over. But between 2012 and 2024 we will learn that we need to adapt to the changes in our lives that a baby brings and then from 2024- 2038, we start to settle into the new routine.

Change Has To Happen, We Cannot Hold On To The Old

As the shift occurs, across the world we will see the end of centralized government. Already in Britain there is talk of strengthening community and city governance rather than waiting for everything to come from Westminster. People have mobilized themselves to protect their homes and clean up the mess.

Another force which is not going away is social networking as the planet Neptune enters Pisces and all the veils that separate us disappear, and there is instant access to each other’s lives and thoughts. Already we are seeing the upside and downside of such access and there is no doubt that individually we need to decide not only who to give our information to but whose information to believe.

Neptune –dissolving into mystery- in Pisces –unlimited possibilities, is also the age of 3D, computer games and virtual reality. Many of the young people today are so used to playing the games that they have lost touch with reality especially when it comes to accountability and consequences. Once again, Neptune is in Pisces until 2025 so we haven’t seen anything yet!

As I finish, I want to remind you that you are not alone during these times. As the veils dissolve between dimensions, we are surrounded more than ever with those who offer us love and support from the spirit realms whether loved ones who have passed over, angels, guides or star people. Call on them for support, guidance and compassion. Know that whatever happens it is coming from a place of universal love because it is imperative that the human race accepts the challenge to work together in consciousness to bring peace, abundance and love to all that live upon this beautiful planet and especially the green and pleasant land, known as Britain.

This is a beautiful poem written by a gifted mystic back in 1975 but seems very appropriate for today:


To reach that point when one is in so much pain
If suddenly it feels as if life is in vain
The way of action filled with deep desire
Has no more meaning to inspire
And at this point of helpless, hopelessness
We, born in spirit and deep consciousness
The soul’s sincere request is answered, in timeless, spaceless language
And love enfolds in blessed gentle light and raises into peace, its child of light
Peter Goldman

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