What dreams or desires have you carried for years, but never given time to manifest? Perhaps to write, draw, travel or just rest? Recently, I was aware how much I was saying; ‘when I retire I will….’ When I heard my limiting self-talk, I immediately changed my life patterns. I know I am the creator of my own life and if I didn’t feel my life was nurturing my soul, I was the only person who could change the outcome. One of the most important mantras I say to myself is: I will not become a victim of my creations, for then I’m powerless to change anything.

Now is the time to hear our soul’s truth and live our dreams by first releasing all the reasons we give ourselves as to why this will never happen! Nobody lacks inspiration or information but merely the vessel or womb into which to plant the seed. I’m often told that the limiting factors to change are the lack of courage or the need to know how if everything will turn out OK. Change commonly demands our personality to let go of control, while our soul celebrates the freedom to grow.

Increasingly, I am meeting people who have held onto painful and destructive beliefs about themselves and the world and who are now facing outward challenges such as illness, death of loved ones or redundancy as their soul grapples with them to let go of life patterns which are causing them so much suffering. Commonly they tell me that it is the present day crisis which is the problem when in truth, the crisis is the solution.

As the Cancer solar eclipse reminds us, it is time to embrace change through love of ourselves and by accepting the love offered, not only by close physical friends, but by a host of spiritual loved ones who are cheering us on at every moment of our lives. I suggest the creation of a warm and loving womb for such change whether at home or work, drawing into our lives people who support our soul. Then ask your spiritual family to clear the way for your truth to be seen and then get out of your own way as your dreams become reality.

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