Blizzards across two thirds of America, massive floods and cyclones in Australia, revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, freezing temperatures in Europe and birds falling from the sky. Such are the signs of transformation as predicted by the ancient people and it’s only just begun.

The naysayers would have us believe that these events are warning us to mend our evil ways, subtly ensuring that the added guilt and shame will keep us in bondage to their authority forever and unaware of the Universal love which is now within our reach.

As I mentioned last year, these sudden and unexpected happenings reflect the movement of the planet Uranus – sudden change, revolution and social interaction – into the sign of Aries – new beginnings, adventure and war. At the same time, Neptune – the planet of mystery and dissolution – and Chiron – the wounded healer – are finishing their close journey in the sign of Aquarius urging us not to dissolve into fear but to take a step back, become more objective and see the bigger picture for the good of all concerned. A revolution cannot be merely the replacement of one dictator with another but the beginning of a true democracy where all voices are equally heard.

The problem with signs is that they can be interpreted on many levels dependent on our perspective. Close up, our logical mind rushes to make sense of chaos, willing to ‘do’ anything to fix the problem. SUV is the problem; get an electric car, flu is the problem; get a vaccine, running out of money; make more.

As a doctor, I’m all for first aid measures as long as we don’t see them as solutions. It takes courage to step back once the patient is out of danger and truly assess the situation with the courage to say; we don’t know the cause but we’re investigating.

For years, I have been fascinated by the mystery of the crop formations which first became prevalent in the UK during the 1990s. Many theories have been forthcoming wrapped within the knowledge that some are manmade. Yet the mystery persists which in my mind is the most important gift of all from the Universe. Without curiosity and the willingness to let go of limiting beliefs, whether about ourselves or the world, consciousness becomes stagnant and we can never truly know ourselves or the amazing ‘home’ which we inhabit. and

Signs and symbols are registered deep within our left brain as truth which cannot necessarily be explained by logic. They awaken hidden ancestral and spiritual truths which register as ‘knowing’ not in the head but in the heart which is continuously resonating with heart of the Great Mother, the source of our Existence.

So as you dig yourself out of several feet of snow and then relax to read about global warming, you may question the premise that humanity is the cause of this disaster. All across the solar system, changes are occurring to our fellow planets even though the sun has recently been experiencing some of its quietest times. Climate Change is a much appropriate claim.

Perhaps the cause is coming from a far greater energy source, the center of our galaxy and beyond, especially when we appreciate that our star, the Sun, is only one of 300 billion within our galaxy. The present transformation is a galactic event which is now impacting every living being, including Mother Earth, allowing us to fully embody our spiritual essence.

So please: see the signs, resist the temptation to interpret them immediately and listen to your heart. This is your time to rebel, express your uniqueness and refuse to listen to those whose words seek to make you feel small.

In early April 2011, Neptune and Chiron will transit into the sign of Pisces attempting to heal our wounded delusions and allow us to expand our awareness and hence encompass many things which we have only imagined previously. This is a wonderful time to be alive as long as we remember to follow our hearts, keep close to the rhythms of Mother Earth and know that we are loved.

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