As I sit listening to the current political rally calls, watch as rival sports teams fight between themselves for glory and hear pharmaceutical companies use the language of war to promote their latest wonder drug against the body, it’s clear that the greatest obstacle to peace in our time, is our need to polarize everything into two extremes and then ask the individual to choose between the two. Masculine v feminine, body v spirit, dark v light, my team v your team, my religion v yours, left brain v right brain. Polarization has its place in developing a strong sense of identity but only when we are allowed to experience both poles. When we stay fixed in one dimension and never experience the other, any opportunity to expand consciousness is lost.

The greatest reason for this tendency towards polarization is that for the past 2000 years, we have lived under the influence of the Piscean symbol; two fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish are held together by a link, love, signifying that it is through the sacred marriage of opposites that unity and peace will flow through this world. The fish represent consciousness; the upper one symbolizing the world of spirit or imagination while the lower one denotes the world of matter.

Each is dependent on the other for its existence and when they function in harmony, we see the manifestation of heaven on earth, revealed in all its beauty. However, if the fish fail to appreciate their dependence on each other and prefer to exist as separate entities, we see a pattern which has been the cause of most of the battles over the past two thousand years: polarization and enmity where everything is valued as to whether you are with me or against me. Indeed, when we do not accept the opposites

which live within us, we project these out into the world and then go to war against them!

We have approximately 90 years left to turn around the pattern of two millennia and find unity through the acceptance of diversity, rejecting the disharmonic pattern of polarization and separation. Without this natural flow between the two poles, we will fail to pass through the door of enlightened consciousness which is being offered to us at this time.

The fact that the planet Neptune (the dissolver of barriers of separation) and the asteroid Chiron (the healer) are due to enter Pisces next year, are intense indicators that the time has come for us to experience ourselves as unified, spiritual human beings and to live the true meaning of the word Namaste: I am another one of you or as one of the messengers of this Piscean Age, Jesus Christ said: Love thy neighbor as yourself.

There are a small minority of individuals on this planet who thrive on our separation and enmity between each other, for as we fight and reject what is truly just another part of ourselves, we lose power and they become strong. They are easy to recognize as they encourage the language of polarization where shaming, criticism and fear are used to keep the majority in place.

Ahen we change our language from or to and, choosing to respect and honor another person’s point of view, then we will see peace and unity flow through this planet. We all have unique gifts and attributes and it is our differences which bring strength to all.

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