Despite all the changes occurring both within our personal lives and around the world, we are perfectly on track for the transformation we’ve been awaiting for thousands of years. All we need to do is take full advantage of the opportunities arising which may seem challenging to our minds but are fully understandable to our hearts.

1) The apocalypse: the revelation of those things previously only known by the few, to be known now by the many. This is occurring due to dissolution of the veils which existed between the dimensions of reality allowing us to know ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. These changes will be heightened by Neptune’s passage into its own sign Pisces next year when our thoughts will instantaneously be converted into reality.

However we don’t have to wait until 2011, for already we’re witnessing changes in our reality. Thus, although at present we know the difference between being awake and asleep, as the veils fall, there will be less and less differentiation between these two states with our night dreams continuing into our day and vice versa.

Other results of the falling veils will be that it will feel as if you’re suddenly tuned into 200 radio stations simultaneously. Physically this may lead to sleeplessness, a sudden desire to sleep in the day, unpredictable anxiety, confusion especially around dates and time, dizziness, weight changes and breathing difficulties.

My advice: stay grounded, spend extra time in the garden with your feet on the earth, stop meditation practices which take you out of your body, take time for self and laugh.

2) The clearing of dead energy or emotions from our psyche. As the veils disappear, all aspects of our psyche which have been kept hidden in the subconscious, often as secrets, will be brought to the surface so we can integrate them into being. Thus we may experience our worse nightmares and greatest joys all in one day.

In our holographic world this is being reflected in the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico which at the time of writing, has been capped. Oil comes from dead vegetation millions of years old. As it poured in to the ocean, polluting everything it touched, it symbolically represents the dead emotional energy which is presently pouring into our water/ blood stream and which will poison us, unless we clear it from our system.

My advice: if you’ve told your story, STOP telling it! But be careful not to drop the story before asking; what did I learn, how did I grow and why did I create this experience as an amazing spiritual being? Decide to nurture yourself with live energy whether this comes from the vibrant nature kingdom, friends or food.

3) As the energy of individual or self-consciousness grows, we will see increasing anger directed towards the leaders in society including those involved in politics, finance, and religion, with the perception that they have misused power. Yet, eventually, the leaders will tire of this and hand the power back to the people in the name of self-accountability and this will be the start of societies based on true co-operation and respect for all.

My advice: seize your own power back now, choosing not to be a victim but someone who makes choices from a state of personal accountability.

4) Beware the magicians with their phenomena and magic tricks who will step up as gurus, leaders or teachers and attempt to take your power from you. You’ll know them by what you have to ‘pay’ to be one of the elite few, how their power comes from judging others and how you never quite get to be an equal only a follower. This is the end of hierarchal systems and power struggles based on enmity between two opposing factions.

My advice: know that everybody presently has access to the ocean of possibilities.

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