So Mars, our passion, is now once again moving forward in Leo, the sign of self worth, causing many of us to feel more optimistic and self confident. However, there is still the matter of Saturn, the teacher and restrictor, moving backwards in Libra and then Virgo from April 8th until May 30th 2010. Saturn carries our spiritual blueprint and, when retrograde, asks us to look within and focus our attention on contracts we have made with our partners (Libra) and then with our health and service to others (Virgo).

Yet in many ways, this is the lull before the storm which is clearly starting to form. Already we have signs of unrest, not only in the USA where people who have grievances against the government are gathering together in a show of strength, but around the world, such as the bombings in Russia.

Just one day before Saturn turns direct, on May 29th 2010, Uranus, the planet of revolution and sudden occurrences moves into Aries, the fire sign of new beginnings, sparking hope, adventure, and war. In December 2004, when Uranus was in early Pisces, a water sign, a giant tsunami struck the Far East coasts, a sudden turning of the tide, waking the world up to the need for global compassion and co-operation.

Uranus will act alone if necessary or with a group of people who all desire autonomy, independence, and freedom and in Aries, wants to be noticed immediately, acting often in extreme and revolutionary ways to get attention. One of the first historical events linked to Uranus in Aries was the First Crusade in 1095, which included people who were not only fired up to regain the Holy Land, but fed up by their living conditions. In their passion (Mars rules Aries), they developed tunnel vision, and as ‘hot heads’ destroyed anybody, even their own people who didn’t look like them.

The last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-35 which saw the end of the roaring twenties as the Great Depression descended in 1929, giving birth to those who promised to lead their people from the ashes into greatness once more. Hence, in 1931, we saw the rise of fascism in Germany and Italy, the people fired up by promises and revolution.

At that time, Pluto was in Cancer (opposite to its position today in Capricorn), evoking feelings of patriotism in the name of ‘the family’. Thus in the 1930s we saw many countries reclaiming their independence. Now Uranus is once again meeting its fellow outer planet, Pluto, who contrary to popular opinion was not dismissed from our

archetypal planets but is alive and kicking in Capricorn, the sign of government, rules, structures, integrity and responsibility. Yes, there may be many who want to see the fall of centralized government, self-serving financial systems, autocratic corporations and hierarchical religious bodies, but are these same agitators ready to become accountable for their own thoughts, words and actions? Are they ready to move from anger, blame and victimization to a place of integrity embracing not only their own needs but that of their family and community?

Uranus and Pluto will square 7 times between June 2012 and March 2015 but, unlike the 1930s, Uranus is stronger than Pluto, symbolizing new beginnings through transformation of old structures and paradigms of belief. As mentioned above, one of the greatest shifts is the development of personal integrity within the framework of a community where all people are respected, honored and accountable for their needs and their gifts. This is the Aquarian way and is being imprinted on our psyche by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius who says: ‘If you won’t accept self-consciousness, self-accountability and care of the community, I will bring a revolution to make this happen, not led by a leader or messiah (the Piscean way) but by the people.’

So let us return to the summer of 2010 and look at some of the exciting hot spots. On 7th June, Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm and expansion moves into Aries alongside Uranus taking heat to a whole new level. Many climatologists are predicting a very hot dry summer around in the Northern hemisphere and such heat will be felt in many arenas. Fire represents not only destruction but also creativity, something often forgotten by those who, scared of their own heat, pour water or earth on any unruly fire. June offers a time of heightened creative inspiration entering areas of consciousness which are new and exciting; take advantage of this time to ride the waves of change.

Throughout July and August, Jupiter in Aries meets Pluto square on, expansion through collapse of old structures. This will be an unsettled and creative time especially as Saturn, now direct, enters Libra on July 23rd and opposes Uranus in Aries directly on the 27th July. Saturn will bring some balance and diplomacy to expressions of outrage, hopefully moving us all towards a greater appreciation of each other. At this time, Uranus will be retrograde (from 5th July until December 6th) which may cause the revolution to go underground but certainly not go away! In March 2011, after a journey through Pisces again, it returns again to Aries until May 2018, so be in doubt, change is inevitable.

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