• Do you enjoy travel?
  • Are you up for adventure not merely physical but also of the mind and spirit?
  • Do you like meeting people from other countries around the world learning about their culture and spiritual beliefs and experiencing their way of life firsthand?
  • Are you interested in tapping into the energy of the planet, learning about ancient spiritual practices which maintained the link between heaven and Earth, humans and the nature kingdoms?
  • Do you enjoy bathing in the abundant beauty of this planet with her ever changing faces?
  • Would you like to be part of a group of conscious travelers?
  • Are you ready for the unique energy of sacred sites to do its magic?
  • Do you like to have fun?

We, Christine and Leland, organize sacred tours to ancient spiritual sites and beautiful countries all around the world. Although we aim to create the holiday spirit, we are not just a tour company moving participants from point A to B. We believe in creating a tour that provides opportunities for growth and learning on many levels within a safe and fun filled environment. Along with our teachings, we invite indigenous and wise beings to share their teachings with the group and hence enrich the experience. We allow the magic of the land and its people to work upon the individual and the group hoping to create a reciprocally rewarding relationship for all concerned.

Come travel with us!

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