There are many soothsayers we could follow over the next few years, guiding us through the amazing opportunity for transformation being offered around the date of 2012. They include, the media, politicians and religious fanatics…or you could pick a science which is 3500 years old and has been used by successful leaders and wise men and women in the past; Astrology.

Astrology tells of our deep interconnection with the cosmos and reminds us that we’re divine beings bringing heaven onto Earth through our experiences in order to expand consciousness. All of us have our own spiritual blueprint expressed in our natal astrology chart, carefully designed so that at particular times in our lives, planetary movements will trigger events to cause us to question, change, commit to or leave situations and people we’re involved in or with at that moment. Although we’re sensitive to the passage of the planets when they transit exactly the planets in our natal chart, we’re also given the chance to see their impact as reflected in our global society.

Each planet possesses an archetypal energy with the expression of that energy being ‘colored’ or filtered by the sign it is in at that time. Thus presently Mars is in Leo. The archetypal energy of Mars is passion. Leo represents self-worth, confidence, creativity and courage. Hence it could be said that physical energy and passion are being employed to boost and maintain a sense of pride in ourselves. Today as I write this newsletter, 20th December 2009, Mars has gone retrograde at 19 degs Leo and will remain in this manner until 10th March 2010 when at 0 degs Leo, it will turn direct again.

Retrograde denotes an apparent backward movement of a planet although it is merely from Earth’s perspective. Esoterically, it’s a time when passion may become buried, we feel physically tired and even discouraged. Be careful not to try and push forward with the strength of pride against the wisdom of your intuition, the pulse of the heart. Look within and ask:

Where is my pride smoothing reason?
Where am I expending energy to gain approval from others?
What would be the most spiritually courageous thing to do in this moment?

When two or more major planets relate to each other in transition, a deep impact of this relationship is felt throughout the world usually one week either side of the exact meeting. Thus we see the square between Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, which took place, 16th November 2009, and will occur again 1st February and 19th August 2010.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, learning, and focus, moved into Libra at the end of October 2009 and, apart from a brief return to Virgo (April 8th- July 21st 2010) will remain in Libra until October 5th 2012.

Libra represents reason, fairness, diplomacy and relationship. Thus Saturn in Libra is asking us to focus upon and review in accordance to our own higher principles, the contract of our relationships, whether with other people, work partnerships or with ourselves. This has been highlighted recently by certain celebrities, whose marriage contracts are being questioned and re-negotiated.

Pluto, the planet of death and renewal, is passing through Capricorn, the sign of structure, rules and integrity (2008-April 2023) breaking down all structures which bind us to old hierarchical ways including our beliefs. Pluto began its journey of death and destruction with the financial markets but is no way near finished. It will ask that we place into the fire of authenticity all our beliefs. If they are true as gold, they will be returned to us, otherwise they will burn and be transformed. Hence, the first system to face the fire, were our fantasies based on the illusion of credit.

Pluto in Capricorn exactly squares Saturn in Libra, it says; I will bring from the darkness all those things which have been hidden in the name of privilege and see whether it resonates with your commitment to your spiritual blueprint.

Hence my advice:

Be willing to live with integrity allowing old habits to die or Pluto will deliver the opportunity to you!
What are your core values which you expect to be respected in any relationship?
Where are you hiding in a restrictive relationship when the desire for transformation is yearning for expression?


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