Every day we are bombarded with information from the media, advertising and song writers as to what women should wear, how they should look and what they should be prepared to do to be accepted, especially by the opposite sex. This is the cultural norm.

This isn’t a new phenomenon; women have been listening to the advice of men for hundreds of years ignoring their own inner wisdom and losing respect for their body, apart from what it can achieve in the short-term. In truth, we have given up ownership of our bodies leading to several self-destructive tendencies prevalent in our society today.

But the voice of our body is calling to be heard whether through the onset of illness, the anxiety that arises when we feel out of control or the miscommunication that occurs in relationship. It’s time to regain ownership of our body, offering it respect and value and being clear about what we want.

Young women of today are the generation which can bring about such change so that men start to honor and revere a woman’s body for its beauty and gifts which are far more than skin deep.

  • How do we start to take back ownership of our body?
  • Learning to value and respect the body for its gifts and beauty
  • Understanding the deeper purpose of a woman’s body?
  • How do we learn to communicate clearly from the wisdom of the body?
  • Moving beyond self-destructive habits
  • How to appreciate the menstrual cycle as a vessel for inspiration
  • How to create healthy long-term relationships
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